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Broadband pulsed Ka-band gyro-TWT with helically corrugated waveguide


S.V. Samsonov – Ph.D., Head of Laboratory, Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Nizhny Novgorod
I.G. Gachev – Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, IAP
G.G. Denisov – Corr. Member of RAS, Head of Department, IAP
A.A. Bogdashov – Ph.D., Research Associate, IAP
S.V. Mishakin – Ph.D., Research Associate, IAP
A.Sh. Fiks – Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, IAP
E.A. Soluyanova – Ph.D., Head of Department, Company «Gikom», Nizhny Novgorod Branch E.M. Tay – Ph.D., Director, Company «Gikom», Nizhny Novgorod Branch
Ya.V. Dominyuk – Head of Division, JSC «Radiofizika»
V.N. Murzin – Head of Laboratory, JSC «Radiofizika»
B.A. Levitan – Ph.D., General Director, JSC «Radiofizika»; Head of Department of Radio-Physics and Technical Cybernetics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; Head of Department 909 "Mechanical Design of Antenna-Feeder Systems, Moscow Aviation Institute

Experimental results on a gyro-TWT with a helically corrugated waveguide are presented. As compared to previous similar experiments, a configuration with single-stage electron beam energy recovery was realized which enabled considerable enhancement of the amplifier efficiency. The gyro-TWT is designed to operate in a pulse-periodic regime with pulse width of up to 250 us, duty factor of 8 and average output power up to 15 kW. Up to now due to functional limitation of a test stand, the experiments were performed at duty factor of about 1000 (pulse width of about 100 us with repetition frequency of 10 Hz). A system of non-superconducting coils with intensive liquid cooling is used to produce the necessary magnetic field. In the optimal operating regime the voltages of a main and a low-current recovery power supplies amounted to 45 kV and 25 kV, respectively, when the beam current was 10 A. As a result, at parameters corresponding to maximal output power stable amplification with power of 130-160 kW within frequency interval of 33.1-34.8 GHz was obtained while at the parameters corresponding to wider bandwidth the output power amounted to 100-130 kW for frequencies from 33.2 GHz to 35.5 GHz at the input power of 1-2.5 kW delivered from a conventional TWT chain.

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