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Determining the structure of the servers for the hardware-software platform of automatic control systems for special purposes


A. A. Chumakov – Post-graduate Student, JSC «Scientific Research Institute of Automatic Equipment Academician V.S. Semenikhina» (JSC «NIIAA»), Moscow. E-mail:

The main functional elements of the hardware-software platform based on microprocessors family "Elbrus" are different purposes servers. The widespread usage of hardware-software supported technology of structured local area networks with a capacity of up to 1 Gbit/sec in computing facilities "Elbrus" predetermined their use in the design of different purposes servers. A wide range of requirements for specified servers in terms of stability, reliability, performance, as well as the specifics of the information being processed, defined servers with cluster structure. Cluster's nodes are the processing units, each of which is a set of computer module that combines two microprocessors and peripheral interfaces, as well as units of hard disk drives, power supply, Mezzanine carriers. With the requirements for performance, fault tolerance, and weight/size parameters, the server contains four nodes. For the computing organization in the cluster, have been used the three-level organizing principle of the software: - general software; - system-wide software; - special software. Using developed software, the cluster provides the following functions: - fault tolerance applications; - processes migration between cluster nodes; - load balancing; - mutual exclusion when accessing shared data; - fault tolerant transfer data over the local area network. The use of the suggested structure allows the server to achieve the following benefits: - work with the high speed communication channels 1Gbit/sec; - fault-tolerant duplicated Ethernet network; - high availability – not less than 0.99997; - high performance; - long life cycle; - technological independence, and information security.

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May 29, 2020

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