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Modeling of the processes of the multiplexing in many-channel measuring system by methods of the queueing theory


A. M. Vinogradenko – Ph.D. (Eng.), Military communications academy, Sankt-Peterburg. E-mail:
N. P. Budko – Military communications academy, Sankt-Peterburg. E-mail:
A. S. Yurov – Military communications academy, Sankt-Peterburg. E-mail:

The material of the article is dedicated to study of the question of the distribution object checking between different priority and development channel of the offers on technical realization of the method of the issue to telemetry information on many-channel communication link. The problem of the optimum distribution was solved in the course of studies of controlled technological object between channel different priority in many- channel measuring system with provision for disturbing situations in each channel. For decision of the problem of the optimum distribution object checking for system channel under not site management is found approach of the distribution controlled object between channel, under which will is provided maximum importance of the givenned factor in channel, finding in the most bad condition (or with minimum importance of possible probability of the mistake).

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