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Output RF power amplifier simulation


P. O. Larin – JSC “VNIIRT”, Moscow
A. A. Blinnikov – JSC “VNIIRT”, Moscow. E-mail:
N. G. Radovskiy – JSC “VNIIRT”, Moscow. E-mail:
S. A. Mamaev – JSC “VNIIRT”, Moscow

This article describes the RF power amplifier simulation technique with Agilent Technologies ADVANCED DESIGN SYSTEM 2011.10 CAD. The aim is to test a method of microwave devices modeling and comparison of simulation results with actual measurements. At first there are described steps of creating virtual amplifier model and list of measurements. Then the simulation conditions and the process of creating an electromagnetic layout model and the model of the device are considered. The following are the simulation results and their comparing with measured characteristics of real device: 1. The study of the amplitude – frequency characteristics and energy performance at temperatures from -50 ° C to 70 ° C and different input powers. 2. Investigation of stability to the filing of parasitic signals. 3. The study of the amplifier to the mismatched load. 4. Test of resistance of the transistor to the power supply without voltage bias on the gate. 5. Measuring the depth of sampling site when the amplifier input signal is attenuated. Then, there are the tests, that show how we can estimate the yield ratio and the stability of the amplifier. In conclusion, it is said about the veracity of the technique and its advantages.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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