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Trace initialization algorithms in multifunctional radar with sector and circular operating modes


V. N. Volkov – Ph.Dr.(Eng.), JSC «MSDB «Almaz-Antey» named after A. A. Raspletin», Moscow. E-mail:
S. O. Grachev – Head of Department, JSC «MSDB «Almaz-Antey» named after A. A. Raspletin», Moscow. E-mail:

Unified trace initialization algorithms for sector and circular modes of multifunction radar were developed. Algorithms are based on physical gates (PG) trace initialization method, in which specially assigned probings are used for trace initialization. Trace initialization includes the following stages: regular surveillance plots selection for trace initialization; regular surveillance plot confirmation (PG1); trace initialization decision making (PG2). Designation data for tracking systems is calculated using coordinates of target plots obtained in PG1 and PG2 gates. Trace initialization algorithms were experimentally approved at multifunction radar field tests.

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