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Complex thermal analysis elements of structural thermal protection coatings


S. A. Koytov – SCD «Navator», Ekaterinburg
A. A Sannikov – SCD «Navator», Ekaterinburg

Research in the field of formal kinetics of thermal decomposition of the polymers is necessary for evaluation of the reaction rates in conditions of their synthesis, processing and application, as well as for solutions of the fundamental problems associated with the development of reaction models. Polymer thermal characterization becomes especially important when polymers are applied as thermal protection coatings.
  1. Kojtov S. A., Mel'nikov V. N., Beketov I. V., Safronov A. P. Teplovaya zashhita s nanomodificzirovannoj e'poksidnoj matriczej // Klei. Germetiki. Texnologii: ezhemesyachny'j nauchno-texnicheskij i uchebno-metodicheskij zhurnal. 2013. № 1. S. 9–15.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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