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Analysis of features of application of the inertial navigation guidance by the instantaneous miss on the launching phase for aircraft and spacecraft with unstable flight performance


S. M. Dunaev – Engineer of the 2nd categoric level, JSC «GSKB Almaz-Antey named after A.A. Raspletin», Moscow. E-mail:

The paper deals with the actual distinctive features of application and the corresponding design change ways of inertial navigation method by the instantaneous miss on the launching phase of a high speed long-range missile with unstable flight performance in intercepting spacecraft. The first problem under consideration is self-retargeting missile motion to a head-on encounter in shooting at a pursuit course. The applications of a penalty function method and a programmable missile redirection approach have been proposed to make a flight according to a guidance method toward the impact point of a missile and a spacecraft. The next mentioned problem is minimizing the target impact point position scatters when launching by the “worst” flight performance provided that the “best” ones are implemented. This problem solving is necessary to carry out pre-flight calculated terms for the seeker operation. There was proposed a minimizing technique of the target impact point bias by means of correction introduction of “sinusoidal” or “hyperbolic” type into the guidance algorithm on the angle of attack. The last discussed problem is the reduction of the sizes of the possible missile position to perform acquisition and missile tracking up to the target impact point with the radar. This problem is solved by approaching the current missile position with the “best” and “worst” flight performance along the flight direction, when using above mentioned correction introduction in the guidance algorithm for the angle of attack. The calculation examples of search area sizes for different experiences are provided.

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