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Surface-to-air missiles trajectory correction on the terminal path of flight


P. F. Dzhevanshirov – Leading Engineer, IJSC «GSKB Almaz-Antey named after A.A. Raspletin», Moscow. E-mail:

The method of reducing the SAM miss on the terminal path of the flight by the correcting propulsion system (CPS) is described and the problem of optimal selection of the fuel load for the CPS is solved. CPS allows the missile warhead to maneuver on the high altitude in the rarefied atmosphere. The main purpose of this work is to determine the reasonability of using CPS. There is an example of the CPS on the three-stage SAM with a vertical launch. Guidance missile is realized in the pre-computed meeting point. The information about the angular position of the missile relative to the local coordinate system and the angular position of the line of sight relative to the body fixed coordinate system is used to calculate the control forces. The missile guidance is divided into three steps: autonomous vertical flight of the missile during the first stage of the engine work; declination of the missile to the meeting point by using of the aerodynamic control surfaces and jet vanes during the second and third stages of the engine work; the trajectory correction of the warhead by using the CPS. The missile is stabilized on the roll, pitch and yaw during the flight. On the first step if the flight the missile has vertical stabilization. The declination of the missile to the meeting point is occurred on the 2-nd and 3-d steps of the flight engine in the pitch and yaw surfaces with a constant angular rate. The CPS is switched and the warhead flight path correction is started after the end of the engine work. The miss calculation are performed on the basis of a flight dynamic model of the three-stage SAM with the control system of the thrust vector on the second and third stages and the corrective propulsion system on the warhead.

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May 29, 2020

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