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Application of RTLS in healthcare facilities


A.N. Ustinov – Post-graduate, MADI; Head of Department, JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern». E-mail:

Modern demographic trend imposesrestrictions on medical services.Upgrade information systems of medical services is advisable carried out in the direction of equipping them with additional devicesand subsystems. As en example proposed system RTLS for medical institutions.RTLS system can track the location and route of movement of patients, staff, as well as diagnostic or resuscitation equipment, as a result will improve the quality of medical care. Also, on the basis of RTLS technology can organize moremedical systems.
  1. Golovaty'j I.N., Ustinov A.N. Primenenie texnologii aktivnoj radiochastotnoj identifikaczii dlya sozdaniya sistem lokal'nogo poziczionirovaniya mobil'ny'x ob''ektov // Trudy' nauch.-texn. konf. Novy'e texnologii v perspektivny'x sistemax obnaruzheniya, navigaczii i radioupravleniya. M. 2012. S. 127-132.

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