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The specifics of usage radio frequency identification into health care organizations


D.A. Vinogradov – Head of Radiofrequency Identification Department sector, JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern». E-mail: L.S. Tischenko – Engineer of Radiofrequency Identification Department, JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern». E-mail: A.V. Utkin – Head of Radiofrequency Identification Department, JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern». E-mail:

One of effective tool for improving the quality and level of medical care is the automation of healthcare organizations using the latest technologies. The most popular technology in this area is radio frequency identification (RFID), which allows to solve in the health care organizations a wide range of tasks. Currently applied solutions, applicable measures and labeling systems are do not allow guarantee an integrated approach to process automation, lead to significant costs and resources which inconveniencing for patients. RFID technology provides effective tools to deal with them by the using of enabling quick and reliable identification of a group of objects at a distance; there is no need visual access to the object identity and resistance to cracking. The most effective solution is achieved with the integration of technology RFID, based on the use of technical equipment operating in different frequency ranges (low and mid-range), with a Medical Information System (MIS) of organization. This entails birth of a new class of hardware and software solutions – integrated medical information and identification systems (IMIIS). Having regard to experience gained by the authors create adaptive RFID information systems, as well as international experience, we can formulate the following requirements for integration software environment: 1. Complexity. 2. Rapid integration 3. Completeness integration. 4. Integration flexibility. 5. Self-sufficiency. The approaches described above are applied by the authors in the integration software platform «Shina RFID», which allows for comprehensive information and identification systems of any complexity.

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