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The radio-protective building materials


V.N. Gulbin – Ph.D. (Eng.), JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern»
N.S. Kolpakov – Ph.D. (Eng.), JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern»
Y.K. Aleksandrov – Expert, JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern»
V.V. Polivkin – Leading Engineer, JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern»

Increased level of electric-magnetic radiation becomes ecological problem. The “Radioprotection” Center affiliated to the OJSC “EMC of “Vega” Concern” take a great attention to protect inhabitants against electric-magnetic smoke. For this purpose, there were developed different radio-protective building materials, such as light and heavy building concretes, facing break and ceramic blocks, blocks made of radio-protective foam-glass, radio-absorbing filler / covering materials, foam-composites and polymer composite materials, which allow protect people in their surroundings. Besides that, all developed materials possess improved operational properties. For these materials development, the ecologically-safe carbon-containing radio-absorbing filler materials are used. There was developed carbon-containing radio-absorbing composition material, which gives radio-protective properties to ordinary building materials, by mean of volumetric filling or by coating. The composition has low cost price, so it could be used for serial production of radio-protective building materials. Traditionally, the Center runs the works to create new and improve former developed materials and structures, in order to equip echo-free chambers and screened rooms.

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