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The light radiation-protective composites


V.N. Gulbin – Ph.D. (Eng.), JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern»
N.S. Kolpakov – Ph.D. (Eng.), JSC «EMC of «Vega» Concern»

By mass spectrometry experiments confirmed the hypothesis about the physical and chemical nature of the active sites on the surface ionization of alkali metal oxide bronzes and physico - chemical nature of the ionization process of nitro compounds on the surface of the oxide bronze. Found that the major types of ions in the background current based on the thermal emitter sodium oxide - vanadium bronzes are sodium ions captured water molecules and clusters based on nickel oxide, and sodium ions captured water molecules . It is shown that the ionization of nitro compounds on the surface of the oxide bronze alkali proceeds with the seizure of sodium ions and the possible capture of a number of water molecules from the air while moving the primary ions in the drift tube analyzer. Thus TNT molecules available for partial dissociation of molecules on the heated surface of the thermal emitter from the groups –CH2 cleavage and possibly, –NO2. Found that the drift spectra of organic compounds contain a fine structure with a Gaussian shape of the peaks of the fine structure. Application of the methods of correlation analysis and double differentiation drift spectra of TNT allows you to emphasize the fine structure of drift spectra and determine for each component of the ion current parameters of the linear and non-linear field-effect mobility of the ions. Investigations of surface ionization 15 nitro compounds belonging to the class of explosives, and experimentally demonstrated the possibility of detecting vapors of these substances using surface- ionization analyzers organic vapors.

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