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Architectural and algorithmic solutions of multilevel wireless communication systems with redundant equipment and channels for the transmission information


A. S. Sultanov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, JSC “MNIRTI”. E-mail: I. N. Panteleymonov – Junior Research Scientist, JSC “MNIRTI” V. I. Kornienko – Head Expert, “CNIIMASH”. E-mail: A. G. Samorodov – Head of Department, JSC “MNIRTI”. E-mail:

Modern communication systems are characterized by: high speeds of data transfer; flexibility and survivability; high degree of automation, where the operator is given the role of an extra-observer; possibility of construction of communication systems with automatic switchover to the backup set of equipment in case of breakdown of the main set, and automatic switching on a reserve communication channel with the loss of the main channels of communication. In this article we examine a new concept and the algorithms of mobile communication systems, the feature of which is not only fixing the facts of a disconnection of the communication channel in general, but also the evaluation of its quality according to specified parameters; not only switching to the backup set within the same container TCE, but switch back container TCE in case of falling out the principal container TCE. The article can serve as the formulation of the problem for the design and deployment of mobile and fixed communication systems of the new generation in the interests of various state departments and commercial operators.
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