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Passive reconnaissance system


A. S. Gribanov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, MAI, Senior Researcher, JSC “MNIRTI”. E-mail:

In passive locating systems, measurement of parameters of the received signal, which carries information about spatial posture and position of the source of radiation is carried out in respect of any of the pattern which, as a rule, becomes the same signal, adopted by the other receiver. Thus, the passive system consists of several receivers and relations between them, i.e., forms a measurement system. The article describes the structure of system of positioning of the radiation source and shows how this structure defines the characteristics of this system. The conditions of the permission of the source of radiation separated in space receivers, described a method for estimating uncertainty of measurement of the coordinates of the source of radiation. Conditions are determined for accurate positioning, depending on the characteristics of the signal parameters of the radiation source. Corresponding mathematical expressions to match the methods of measuring the coordinates of the measurement error and the graphs of distribution of this error on the coordinate plane concerning meters are presented.
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