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Repeater connection radio network stability assessment at interference source position indefinitness


T. L. Ryazanovskiy – Head of Division, JSC “MNIRTI”. E-mail:
D. V. Shirokov – Ph.D. (Eng.). E-mail:

The current society is characterized by the use of various multi-purpose radio-electronic devices (RED) that may cause interference. These RED may function as stationary or mobile devices. It causes information ambiguity regarding interference source, in particular, the interference source position. The lack of information makes it impossible to define the exact value of signal/noise ratio at any point in space. This ratio becomes random value because of the random nature of interference average power (interference dispersion). It leads to necessity of setting and solving the problem of repeater connection radio network stability assessment at apriori interference source position indefiniteness. This task is reduced to probability density estimation (the statistical law) of signal/noise ratio. Based on the estimation results obtained, the evaluation method of radio network functioning stability at interference source position indefiniteness is obtained.
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May 29, 2020

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