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The use of radio relay communication in the regional transport network of digital TV broadcasting of the Russian Federation


S. V. Trufanov – Ph.D. (Eng.), NIIR. E-mail:
S. V. Shvets – Ph.D. (Eng.), JSC «MNIRTI». E-mail:

Russian Federation at the end of the last century started a transition from analog to digital television and radio broadcasting, as well as to the creation of digital transport networks delivery programs against the background of radical socio-economic changes. It was obvious that without a radical change of the concept of distribution of the programs and transition to digital broadcasting, Russia ultimately be far behind the leading countries. Considering the regional transportation network is taken into account that its construction should be technologically and organizationally linked with the construction of the Federal transport network, providing for the delivery of Federal multiplexes programs on regional head-end station. Analysis of the regional transport network of digital TV broadcasting on the example of the network implemented in the Jewish Autonomous region, shown features of network build options for the integration of channels used various transmission systems, as well as system and hardware redundancy.
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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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