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State and prospects of creation of the equipment for new generation of radio-relay, tropospheric, satellite communication systems and electronic jamming


Yu. V. Nevzorov – Ph.D. (Eng.), General Director, JSC “MNIRTI”.
A. V. Shevyrev – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Deputy General Director, JSC “MNIRTI”. E-mail:
L. O. Myrova – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, ISC “MNIRTI”. E-mail:

Now, an important role is played by the radio communication in a broad sense, which is an integral part of the state information infrastructure today. The radio communication as a type of technical activity determines in many respects the efficiency of all activities of the country, including its defense. In the context of this work the status and prospects of creation of the equipment of a new generation of radio-relay, troposphere and satellite communication, electronic countermeasures and their components was analyzed. In addition, there are results of the development of scientific basis and the required number of know-how on the basis of available scientific potential, allowing the JSC «MNIRTI» to create microwave communications and ESM of new generation with indicators and characteristics, that meet the requirements to the modern communication systems, and substantially greater than the indicators and features of existing microwave radio and ESM means.
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