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Printed dipole four-beam phased array antenna excited with branch line bridges-based Butler matrix


A. P. Gorbachev – Ph.D. (Eng.), Professorof Novosibirsk State Technical University, Department of Radio Receiving and Transmitting Devices. E-mail:
T. V. Michurina – postgraduate sudent of Novosibirsk State Technical University, Department of Radio Receiving and Transmitting devices

The printed dipole four-beam phased array antenna is presented. The proposed array is excited by four-channel Butler matrix based on branch-line hybrids. The analysis follows the classical principles described in the phased array antenna theory. This array was developed using multi-step optimization and relatively simple scaling to account the supporting dielectric substrate with permittivity equal to 2,5. The rules of four-beam phased array pattern’s formation as well as the line intersections are considered. Experimental results verify the proposed approach. The presented antenna is completely compatible with microstrip circuitry and may find application in wireless communication systems.

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