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Deviation of phase speeds of waves in the long lines working on not coordinated loading


F. V. Schepyotkin – Ph.D. (Eng.), Professor
E. V. Kurennoy – Ph.D. (Eng.), Professor

Mathematically is proved fluctuations of voltage and capacity of phase speed movement of waves in long lines for a case of their incomplete coordination with passive loading. For a mathematical substantiation it is necessary, that the considered long line is a line lost-free, working in concord a mode on the given passive loading and is raised by the coordinated generator. The instant voltage in a line is distributed to loading that allows considering a voltage as a wave. This wave has some speed, time-dependent. The given mathematical calculations allow to make a conclusion that the wave of a voltage goes to loading with variable speed, and at increase of the module of factor of reflection from loading the limits of change of speed grow, the peaks of phase speed are narrowed and are increased. The variable component of instant capacity as is submitted as a wave driven to loading with variable speed. The limits of change of speed of this wave appear smaller, than for a wave of a voltage.

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