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The integrated criterion of an estimation of efficiency of the multitrace aerial


I. N. Kriukov – Dr.Sci. (Eng.), Professor
S. P. Serdobintsev – Dr.Sci. (Eng.), Professor
A. V. Karpov

For an estimation of an overall performance of the reception aerial in a multibeam mode it is necessary to use the integrated criterion considering set of characteristics of its devices. This criterion appreciably depends on a functional purpose of radio system and a tactical situation in which it is applied. In particular, for reception aerials of several dot sources of a signal providing spatial selection as the integrated criterion the limiting quantity of the information (In), accepted during T, from all generated directions of reception (channels) can serve. In a certain measure this feature can specify potential efficiency of radio system. The analysis of possibilities on reception of limiting quantity of the information on an example of the two-beam aerial is carried out. The analysis shows that the non-commuted two-beam combined aerials with full overlapping of apertures allow to receive benefits in number of the information passed through them at any parity a signal/noise, but at the expense of increase in capacity of a signal in one beam noise grow in other. The two-beam combined aerials with partial overlapping of apertures give benefits only at the relation a signal/noise exceeding some level which depends on outcome factor between beams. A limiting received benefits -two times.


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