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Comparison of impedance properties of diode laser, which analyzing by quantum-mechanical and radio engineering method


Yu. I. Alexeev – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, antennas and radio transmitters department, Institute of Technology of South Federal University, Taganrog
M. V. Orda-Zhigulina – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, antennas and radio transmitters department, Institute of Technology of South Federal University, Taganrog. E-mail:

Possibility of properties’ investigation of injection semiconductor laser diode’s generation is discussing in this paper. Analysis is based on amplitude frequency characteristics and capacity-voltage characteristic expansion in series at operating point of the both characteristics. It is “radio engineering” approach. The impedance properties are investigated by quantum-mechanical method. Achieved results by radio engineering method of analysis are compared with achieved results by quantum-mechanical method for injection semiconductor laser diode impedance properties. All theoretical results are compared with numerical results. Active and passive parts of full impedance depend from modulating frequency and curves are presented at different frequencies. Amplitude curves for active and passive impedance the both are comparative with experimental results. Analysis of achieved results allow to make a conclusion that quantum-mechanical approach and radio engineering approach the both give close results for oscillating semiconductor laser diode. It allows recommending radio engineering approach for calculating different parameters of devices and for designing of detect microwave and optical devices at the base of semiconductor laser diodes. Moreover, calculating and analysis by radio engineering approach is more easy and faster, then by quantum-mechanical approach. Bibliography – 6 sources, figures – 2.

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