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The results of radiation and scalar diffraction problems solution using parabolic equation technique


V.V. Akhiyarov – Ph.D.(Eng.), Bauman Moscow State Tehnical University

In this article parabolic equation technique for solving scalar radiation and diffraction problems is considered. The algorithm for the scattered near field calculation, based on the solution of two parabolic equations for waves propagating in opposite directions is presented. Also the formula for the scattered far field calculation is available in this work. This formula is necessary for radiation patterns and radar cross sections calculation. The near field calculation results for parabolic cylinder reflector under it excitation with line current and flat horn are presented, radiation patterns for this excitation conditions are shown. The near field calculation results for one and two circular cylinders under plane wave excitation are presented. This problem solution allows to observe forward and backward fields interference between the cylinders. The comparison of near fields and radar cross section diagrams with integral equation technique is presented. It is shown that the parabolic equation technique provides solution accuracy, comparable with the rigorous method of integral equation.

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