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X-band power amplifiers for on-board radio-electronic systems


M. V. Snastin – Engineer of Moscow Aviation Institute, Department of Radioelectronic Systems. E-mail:
E. M. Dobychina – C.Sc. (Eng.), Associate Professor of Moscow Aviation Institute, Department of Radiophysics, Antennas and Microwave Technique. E-mail:

Recently more attention is paid to unmanned aerial vehicle radio-electronic systems. The X-band amplifier with power output of the order of hundreds of watts can be constructed by power combining of several ten watt class amplifiers. Several possible implementations of a power X-band amplifier with few parallelly concatenated amplifiers have been analyzed. According to the results of the EM-based modeling in CAD environment based on numerical methods for solving the finite element method, advantages and disadvantages each of these implementations were reported.

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