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Dynamics of innovative processes in the area of information technologies and approaches to their simulation


A.Р. Gagarin – Ph.D. (Eng.), Professor, JSC «NICEVT». E-mail:
Т.V. Bereznyak – Post-graduate Student, JSC «NICEVT», Scientific and Industrial Center «ELVIS». E-mail:

An approach to computer simulation of a technological progress in the area of informatics is proposed. The technological progress is considered as a network of life cycles being passed by technological artefacts. Innovative processes cause transformation of the network by changing of the set of the cycles as well as by updating of cycle parameters. The approach is based on composing of a model according to a special design pattern from separate cells representing elementary processes of artifact life cycles. The design pattern may be implemented in different object-oriented programming languages as Java, C#, Object Pascal. Tuning of the model may be performed by programming some dedicated sections inside of the model cells. Neither knowledge of specialized simulation languages nor mastering of mathematic analysis and simulation methodology is presupposed. The approach is addressed to the broad community of specialists in the area of informatics providing rapid model map and preliminary investigation of large-scale phenomena of the technological progress. The design pattern is presented in the issue by project class and sequence diagrams in UML notation. Results of model runs are included too, demonstrating different variants of dependencies between production volume and price as well as the balancing of 1-core and 2-core configurations of data processing units. The used model is implemented in Object Pascal.

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May 29, 2020

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