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Onboard computer systems testing technology


S.V. Arkusskaya – Department Director, JSC «NII «Argon». E-mail:
A.A. Terekhov – Subdepartment Director, JSC «NII «Argon». E-mail:

The onboard computer system built on the basis of standardized onboard computers connected together by high-speed data link represents an onboard computer network. The onboard computer system testing is performed by using the test software. The test software is designed to monitor the proper functioning of the onboard computer system at all stages of the life cycle (manufacturing and debugging, acceptance tests, maintenance, preflight and real-time preparations). The test software performs independent testing of each digital computer, comprehensive testing of the onboard computer system, and provides the possibility running of the self test and real-time testing. The test software is performed under the operating system. The only requirement for the operating system is the POSIX interface support. The test software provides the ability to run an individual test, the sequence of tests (test groups), pre-defined test scenario (mode). A test, group of tests can be performed once or many times. And each test in the group can be performed once or many times. Tests in the group can be performed either sequentially or simultaneously. Tests can be performed either with the operator or without operator. There is the log, maintained during the testing, which documents the testing process, as well as all of the registered errors. The test software provides the operator with user-friendly interface, using which the operator can generate a test system, enter into it new tests, delete old ones, form different groups of tests and modes, as well as run tests and formed groups and modes.

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