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Experimental-production department creating in limited assets area


F.G. Plotnikov – Chief Technologist, JSC «NII «Argon»

Currently, the problem of limited assets becomes more and more serious. It is related mostly to facilities that develop specimens of military products but not have own production. These products have complex design and exclusive technologies. Other negative factors are minimal volume of production and needs for cost saving. The solution of this problem is own prodiction creation in form of experimental-production department (EPD) that provides the quick and effective fix the problems during specimens priduction. Main problem of EPD organization is a lack the strategy that provides EPD creation to quick, effective and ecologic production the technological operations as many as possible while minimum areas, staff and energetic assets. The problem of lack the energetic assets can be solved by use the economic equipment and by modernization of the whole assets base of facility. The problem of limited areas fixed by use the areas that can match to equipment and provides the minimum of construction working. The process of office to workshop transformation can be implemented as typical area reconstruction project. Because of it you get finances save, reduced repairs deadlines and process centralization. EPD layout has to provide linearity and “clean/dirty” zones. Own working technological documentation can be always developed by facility’s technologists even without related experience and they can begin to make it. Next they will be fix the problem according to it occur. Optimal quipment kit forming is one of main task during EPD project developing. It is art of compromices that depend on prioritets allocation. You need staff that can provide timely and high quality making the production program. Limited finances – is eternal problem of facilities we tell about. EPD organization requires big finance possibilities. So you have to analize all aspects before to begin. You have to consider existing facility’s finance possibilities and find the additional financing ways. Ecological problem becomes one of main factors during new production organization. It is better to analyze the need in ecologically negative operations if the possiibility of its official confirmation is far from 100%. EPD project will be implemented in few directions that can be one-by-one or some parallel to reduce project implementing deadlines. If you achieve the success, ready to working EPD will be as stand alone production depatrment that effectively interacts with design and technological departments. All solutions will get quick practical confirmation. Almost all operations will be in-house. After achive all objectives the facility will have only one task – expanding existing assets and further development production environment.
  1. Plotnikov F.G. Opy't sozdaniya e'ksperimental'no-proizvodstvennogo uchastka // Radiopromy'shlennost'. 2013. Vy'p. 4.
May 29, 2020

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