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The expediency of use of technology through design when creating onboard computing systems with the use of PDM-systems


A.Yu. Danilov – Deputy General Director OJSC «NII «Argon» information technology. E-mail:
Е.V. Ermakova – Century the Chief of Sector, OJSC «NII «Argon». E-mail:

During the development of high-tech products, such as onboard computer complexes (BVK), now could be several design technologies. Through design technology provide the connection between each of the previous phase of development with consequent and efficient transmission of completed design decisions each stage on each of the following steps. The meaning of the cross-cutting technologies of design consists in the efficient transfer of data and results of specific current design stage for all subsequent stages. Dignity systems employ this technology the following. They cover all stages of product design (ranging from entering a description of the designed object to get the project documentation), and at separate stages have alternate algorithms and programs for the implementation of individual design procedures. Such systems have wide opportunities to control the adopted design solutions, featuring modular construction and have developed databases. Cross-cutting design methods are used in combination with the technology of descending and ascending design that increases their flexibility. SWE-PDM is positioned as the PDM- system and is intended primarily for automation and information support of activity of the engineering-technological Bureau of machine-building enterprises. The PDM-system can be used as a basis for creation of uniform information space of the enterprise for collection, storage and topical information in the required form to the staff of all interested departments of the organization, suppliers and representatives of the customer. The main purpose of the PDM-system - management of the collective development of the products at all stages of design and production preparation. The document is the main information the object of this subsystem. In the first approximation, the document refers to the file created in the operating system using any programs and placed in the vault of the PDM-system together with describing its attributes (metadata). PDM-system provides the communication systems of any class that allows collaborative work in the technical and managerial professionals according to the concept of CALS-technology that provides continuous information support of the product life cycle (FDI). The process of development, coordination, approval and storage, organized in the storage system PDM, you can call the automated design group. The task of such a process to reduce the waiting time and increase the efficiency of interaction of specialists. Methodology through design allows to organize communication between all participants of designing through the system of PDM. Thus, users of a PDM system, leading documentation development of high-performance BVK or its component parts have a mechanism for powerful and effective joint work on the project, no matter what CAD uses the customer. As a result of the use of the system class SWE PDM is a necessary condition of successful work and allows the company to switch to an entirely new level of management of processes of technical preparation of production and management of documents, to solve all the issues connected with the creation, routing, coordination, archiving of electronic documents and support of the collective work on the project conforms to.

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May 29, 2020

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