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First generation of Angara high-speed interconnection network


I.A. Zhabin – Head RTL Designer, JSC «NICEVT». E-mail:
D.V. Makagon – Senior Sostware Engineer, JSC «NICEVT». E-mail:
D.A. Polyakov – Sostware Engineer, JSC «NICEVT». E-mail:
A.S. Simonov – Head of Department, JSC «NICEVT». E-mail:
E.L. Syromyatnikov – Senior Research Engineer, JSC «NICEVT». E-mail:
A.N. Shcherbak – Senior Digital Design Engineer, JSC «NICEVT». E-mail:

In our days supercomputers are built with tens and even hundreds of thousands of nodes connected by high-speed interconnection networks, so the efficiency of the whole system is largely determined by the interconnection network. All interconnection networks can be classified as commercially available and proprietary/custom. The commodity interconnection network market is mostly dominated by InfiniBand and Ethernet networks. Typical examples of the proprietary networks are interconnects used in Blue Gene, Tianhe-2 and Tianhe-1A, K Computer and Cray Titan. The commercially available networks being universal are hardly suitable for the high-end systems with tough requirements on the scalability, reliability and performance. The purchase of the top proprietary networks in Russia is practically impossible. This situation makes the development of a competitive Russian high-speed interconnect an extremely topical issue. JSC «NICEVT» is developing Angara interconnection network for precisely this niche. The first generation of network routers based on Angara EC8430 ASIC has already appeared in 2013. This is a unique result for Russia. The EC8430 ASIC was fabricated with TSMC 90 nm process, die size is 13.0x10.5 mm with over 180 million transistors. The network adapter PCB is manufactured by JSC “NICEVT”. Adapter has up to 8 high-speed connectors operating up to 75 Gbps each and a PCI Express 2.0 x16 interface with a host system. Angara interconnection network is planned to be supplied in two variants: as standard commercially available PCI Express network adapters for cluster systems with standard processors and chipsets, and as an integrated part of Angara Computing Platform server boards.

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