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VOLS frequency elements division multiplexing of microwave carrier


G.V. Kylikov – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, MIREA
M.A. Karpov – Ph.D.(Eng.), MIREA
V.Sh. Berikashvily – Dr.Sc.(Eng.), Professor, MGOU
E.V. Egorova – Ph.D.(Eng.), MIREA
A.V. Panakov – Post-graduate Student, MIREA
A.U. Matveev – Post-graduate Student, MIREA

In modern high-speed fiber-optic transmission of digital information systems successfully applied spectral and frequency division multiplexing and time division multiplexing digital signals, ensuring the transfer of up to 15 Terabit/s. Increased performance fiber optic communication line information bandwidth achieved transformed by the use of high-frequency transmission over frequency (UHF ) radio wave modulating the optical signal carrying the informa-tion. Currently, there is widely used for a multi- communication equipment in the microwave range. Proposed to consider the scheme zhennaya multichannel fiber optic link with frequency division multiplexing at microwave carrier operates in full-duplex mode. The block diagram and functional at the same time with the direction of flow of information links and send and receive information.

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