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Fractal relief surfaces of the vacuum polymer films based on 2CL-PPX


P.A. Luchnikov – Head of Department, Technology Center, MSTU MIREA, Moscow
A.A. Nazarenko – Post-graduate Student, MSTU MIREA, Moscow
A.A. Rogachev – Ph.D. (Eng.), Senior Research Scientist, Belarusian State Institute of Transport, Gomel’, Belarus

It is searched the morphology and structure of the fractal terrain polydiclorineparaxililena film coatings of different thicknesses obtained by deposition from the gas phase monomer vapors [2.2] paracyclophane at ~ 3 ... 9 Pa. It is stated the peculiarities of the morphology and structural properties of the growth of thin polymer coatings on the basis of polydiclorineparaxililena. Fractal analysis of AFM microscopy data showed that the polydiclorineparaxililena coatings provide intense processes of self-organization structures. In thin layers of 90 ... 300 nm, the main mechanism of the growth is related to the adsorption, diffusion, and then polymerizing the monomer source. By IR spectroscopy it is indicated that the concentration of methyl groups in the polymer at all stages of growth of the film is constant and not dependent on thickness. At thicknesses greater than 1200 nm it is observed the formation of solid, packed structural formations polydiclorineparaxililena via the mechanism close to the cluster-cluster aggregation.

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