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Identification and decision-making algorithms for managing labor protection at an industrial plant


V.M. Belenkiy – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Information Technologics, Moscow State University of Technology and Management named K.G. Razumovsky. E-mail:

The article discusses identification models and decision-making methods implemented as part of an automated control system for labor protection (ACS LP). The system is designed to optimize measures for labor protection and disease prevention, and consists of the following subsystems. 1) Subsystem for formation and operation of labor protection database (includes Frame K - personal data, Frame U – labor conditions, Frame T|Z – data on injuries, morbidity, disability, Frame M – preventive measures data, Frame E-economic data). 2) Subsystem for modeling dependencies between the incidence of morbidity and injuries and adverse labor conditions. Identification models are built here using factor analysis and regression analysis methods. In addition, it calculates the minimum possible values of morbidity and injury and the corresponding achievable factors of labor conditions. 3) Subsystem for decision-making allows to develop plans for preventive measures based on relevant classifiers and to build optimal control systems based on optimality criterion and with consideration for technical and economic constraints. 4) Forecasting subsystem allows to calculate the actual forecast of labor protection in the absence of optimal solutions and the optimal forecast in the case of optimization of preventive measures. On this basis, the economic effect of the labor protection control system is calculated as the difference between the actual and the minimum economic damage from adverse labor conditions. 5) Explanations subsystem in which the user is exposed to each step of the automated data processing by the system and becomes a direct participant in the analysis and decision making process. Considering the reliable results obtained through testing at a number of industrial enterprises, we propose industrial implementation of the labor protection control system presented here.

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