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Experimental research of a development dynamics of chaotic oscillation in IMPATT oscillator with own reflected signal


A.V. Demyanenko – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department of Antennas and Radio Transmitting Equipments, Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia. E-mail:
I.V. Semernick – Post-graduate Student, Department of Antennas and Radio Transmitting Equipments, Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia
Yu.I. Alekseev – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Department of Antennas and Radio Transmitting Equipments, Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia

Deterministic chaos, theoretical development of origination physics of which a lot of article are devoted, currently continued in the field of scientist’s vision. It’s obvious that dynamic chaos in any occurrence maybe practically use in such branch of knowledge, which examine a training scientific basis with such development (in the radio physics especially) of approach to projecting, for example, high-performance noise generator based on the deterministic chaos in the self-oscillatory system, that present practical aspect of the problem, in the area of which the researches are carrying out currently. It should be noticed, that articles about deterministic chaos basically directed at present to research of the physical phenomenon which attend chaos such relatively new radio physical process, having a big practical application and contain not enough recommendation for the engineer practice. Chaotic generation in the deterministic microwave self-oscillation system, especially based on the solid state active elements with negative impedance, be actual so long as it’s open up possibilities of noise source production based on the sufficiently simple constructive decisions on the one hand and with high level of output power on the other hand. In the present article made an attempt of simple construction noise generator development with an original engineering solution way of stimulation of chaotic generation by means of artificial load mismatch that is possibility of the chaotic generation production by means of influence of own delayed reflected signal to the generating diode. Output transmitting line disturbance produce appearance of the reflected signal which characterized by specified reflection coefficient, which depend on the gap width, and distance to disturbance and substrate permittivity determining phase delay of the signal. In the article high influence of the own delayed reflected signal to the dynamics and modes of operation of oscillator are revealed. Researches of system dynamics under IMPATT feed current variation showed that under diode current increasing generated power is growing up, that respectively result in signal power increasing in the feedback circuit under constant reflection coefficient. The experimental findings allowing drawing a conclusion that researching system move to the chaotic mode under increasing reflected signal power according to classical period doubling scenario.

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