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Searchless frequency estimator for radioimpulse signal


V.A. Shcherbachev – Ph.D. (Eng.), Head of the laboratory, OAO «KB «Sviaz», Rostov-on-Don

A currier frequency estimator for single complex radioimpulse signal in complex white Gaussian noise is proposed. The estimator is based on well-known Kay method, but in contrast to the latter it allows as input a radio impulse with nonconstant envelope. The estimator computational burden is proportionate to the signal sample size. To assess efficiency the estimator Cramer-Rao bound (CRB) was obtained. A computer simulation was performed to compare the performance of the proposed estimator, the Kay estimator and CRB in case of Gaussian envelope pulse. Close agreement results of the Monte-Carlo simulation and the presented CRB justifies utility of the estimator.


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May 29, 2020

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