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Stractural models of water, describing cyclic nanoclusters


I.I. Ignatov – Professor, Hannover, Germany
О.V. Моsin – Ph.D. (Chim.), MGUPP

It is informed on last researches of nanostructure of intermolecular water associates (nanoclasters with the general formula (Н2О)n and claster ions [(Н2О)n]+ and [(Н2О)n]- by means of computer modelling and spectroscopy methods 1Н-NMR, IR-spectroscopy, Raman, Kompton dispersion, EXAFS-spectroscopy, diffraction of X-rays and neutrons on water crystals. Theoretical calculations of polihedral nanoclasters (Н2О)n, where n = 3…20 are given. The basic mathematical models describing the structure of water are considered.

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