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Review of the interrelation between the longitudinal and transverse components of the electromagnetic fields extensive antenna devices and systems located in real material environments with seasonally changing climatic conditions electrical parameters


D.A. Antropov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Deputy Chief of the Naval Scientific Committee
V.E. Fidelman – Honored Inventor of RF

At present in our country and abroad are carried out detailed studies of the propagation of electromagnetic fields of antennas systems in different physical environments. Possibilities of emergence in the various ranges of frequencies and real material environments along with cross and longitudinal components of the electromagnetic fields created by antennas are thus studied. In article the interrelation of cross and longitudinal making electromagnetic waves of scanners and systems within electromagnetic process is investigated. Mathematical expressions are received according to interrelation between longitudinal and cross components of electromagnetic waves of a thin wire in the conditions of various material environments. The assessment of the received calculations for the wide range of lengths of waves is executed at various parameters of soils, at isotropy and anisotropy of environments. The assessment of interrelation of cross and longitudinal components of electromagnetic waves is carried out upon transition from Cartesian to any system of co-ordinates. The received results can find the practical application in questions of sounding and studying of a terrestrial surface, ensuring communication at sea depths and a number of other cases.

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