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The effect of external energy sources to the creep and properties of metals


A.A. Klypin – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor of the Dept. «Material Sciences», Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Some variants of the energy influence to the properties of metallic materials is considered including electric field influence, contact of materials with different chemical potentials, contact of two metals when one of them is subjected to thermal influence or undergo some internal variances (e. g. phase transforms or chemical reactions). The method of properties’ study is based on the spacing of the investigated object and the effecting object with the artificial contact through the electronic conductor. This approach allows one to postulate the possibility of properties’ change induced by the energy influence to the electronic component of the material’s structure. The weak energy influence was investigated by the measurement of the creep velocity for tough-pitch copper and aluminum. It was shown that the contact of these metals results creep’s velocity reduction approximately to the half of the creep velocity for the metals having no contact. An effect of the heating to the creep was also investigated. It was shown that the contact with the heated metal reduces to the variance of the creep velocity especially for the heated bodies undergoing phase transforms. For instance the austenite forming in steel during heating process reduces the creep velocity more than twice. One of the most effective influences is the influence of the electric field directly to the surface of the studied object; the long-term and short-term strength can be increased and the creep velocity can be reduced significantly. The observed effect to the electronic component of structure under mechanical loading can be interpreted by the motion of dislocations having electric charge due to the maldistribution of atoms. It can be supposed that even real metal or non-homogeneous alloy has this kind of atoms maldistribution, so that the energy influence to the variance of structure and properties can be expected. The possibility of the long-term strengthening of steel and aluminum alloys by the thermal processing with electric field influence. The analogic effect is observed in the thermally processed aluminum alloy having contact with the copper.

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