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Methods and synthesis of hardware of nonlinear recurrent sequences code dictionaries of the fixed duration generating


I. I. Snytkin – Dr.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Branch of Military Communications Academy (Krasnodar). E-mail:
T. I. Snytkin – Post-graduate Student, Federal State Institution «27 Central Research Institute» Ministry of Defense Russian Federation (Moscow)

It is known that the volume of the code dictionary of nonlinear recurrent sequences (NRS) with fixed duration is defined by amount of automorhic and isomorphic transformations that is provided with the solution of the corresponding subtraction sets.However it is also known that for change of thin internal structure of NLRP answers only isomorphic transformations, and only noninverse-isomorphic whereas automorphic transformations represent cyclic shifts one isomorphism, and inverse and isomorphic – cyclic shift and inverse reading (that is from right to left) one noninverse isomorphism.Therefore generating of the unabridged code dictionary of NRS with means providing with the corresponding independent automatic machine of all similar transformations. On the basis of use of scientific-theoretical results of this article by authors is developed a number of technical solutions of hardware of generating of NRS systems and dictionaries protected by patents, which first confirm high level of technical feasibility and the practical importance of the developed methods, and secondly, open big prospects for development of hardware of generating of NRS other types, such as, compound and reducible NRS.

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