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Mathematical model of direction-finding characteristic of seeker


I.V. Muratov – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Department «Autonomous information and operating systems», Bauman Moscow State Technical University. E-mail:

In the article problems of mathematical modeling of direction-finding characteristic of radar seekers are considered. In existing today imitating and semi-natural models of radar seekers the mathematical model of direction-finding characteristic is a link between input signals and actually seeker. Opportunity quickly to change a form of the direction-finding characteristic depending on parameters of input channels allows to create models of seekers of wide class and will provide carrying out calculations in real time. Development of models of real time of similar systems represents an actual problem as allows to reduce calculation time considerably. In article the developed model which represents the linearized direction-finding characteristic which parameters correspond to parameters of real systems is described: steepness in the linear zone, located speed of tracking and an aperture (width of a field of vision). For working off of big errors of seeker the falling part of the characteristic which is defined by three specified parameters. Control of a type of the discrimination characteristic is carried out by change of parameters of initial nonlinear functions. The program forming the direction-finding characteristic of system with desirable parameters is developed. By means of the developed model the author carried out the analysis of dynamics of the seeker with capture of target on trajectory and tracking parameters are calculated at various errors of targeting. The model of the nonlinear direction-finding characteristic is given in SIMULINK package.

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