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The analysis of modern scaled video-information systems of collective using


А.А. Kondrashin – Ph.D. (Eng.), Professor, Tsiolkovsky Russian State Technological University (MATI)
А.N. Lyamin – Ph.D. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Tsiolkovsky Russian State Technological University (MATI)
Aung Chzho Tkhu – Post-Graduate, Tsiolkovsky Russian State Technological University (MATI)

Now for reproduction of an escalating stream of the information video information systems of collective using (VIS) as without use of the module of transformation of development (without image scaling) – television displays, projectors etc., and systems with «video scalers» – video walls, video cubes, panoramic projectors are used. In work comparison of technical characteristics of two scaled VIS are presented with use of polyscreen and projective systems. The carried out comparative analysis of technical characteristics of the polyscreen systems consisting of type-setting compound flat modules, made on various technologies (LCD, PDP, LED, OLED, etc.) has allowed to draw conclusions: they are more expedient for using in premises with the limited area, owing to their smaller dimensions (depth of the module); they demand less expenses and time at transportation to places of their time use; despite a considerable interscreen backlash, now the most budgetary variant of creation and operation of polyscreen systems are LCD-systems. The optimum decision on a parity brightness/systems of external use are LED-systems. The analysis of technical characteristics of projective systems: video of the walls collected from modules of a return projection (video cubes) and multimedia panoramic projectors with a direct or return projection with function edge blending, has allowed to draw conclusions: at a choice of type of projective system for reception of the qualitative image with high brightness (especially for use of systems of external application) advantages have systems on the basis of video cubes since video cubes have higher resource of work, and also demand less time for installation, service and system repair as a whole; at installation of video walls or systems of multimedia projectors, it is necessary to consider first of all necessary degree of detailed elaboration of the image since despite preference of use of systems on the basis of 3DLP-projectors, they have much higher cost, therefore larger distribution was received by systems on the basis of 1DLP-projectors. As a whole, for reception of the integral image of the maximum size and with minimum between a screen backlash, use not polyscreen, but projective systems is more preferable. However, projective systems now in use for reception of the seamless image of the big sizes, possess variety of the essential lacks limiting their wide application. The decision of the given problem use of various systems on the basis of OLED/PLED which in the future will force out projective systems can be. And OLED/PLED light-emitting diode displays can be used, both in scaled, and in not scaled HUNG KP. But now products on the basis of organic light-emitting diodes only start to win the modern market of displays and consequently are presented only in the form of pilot batches.

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