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Dipole antennas with periodically capacitive loads


V.D. Dvouretchenskiy – D.Sc. (Eng.), Research Adviser, “Joint Radioelectronic Technologies” Co Ltd (Moscow) A.J. Fedotov – D.Sc. (Eng.), Head of Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics, “VNIIEM Corporation” JSC (Moscow)

In the paper proves the potential of practical realization of possible values of directive gain of thin balanced dipoles in the wide band by the use sequential periodic system of concentrated reactive loads (impendances) in the parts of dipole. In theory determinate, that impedance must have capacitive nature that provide conditions of wave transmission accelerated current wave along the parts of dipole, with wave number less then wave number of free space. Frequency dependence of impedance causes nonresonance nature of frequency dependence of input resistance of antenna in contrast to resonance nature input resistance of thin dipoles. It was proposed simulation method of design parameters impedance dipole for one frequency which use as initial data for deep research impedance dipoles, by the instrumentality of simulation program MMANA. Results research represented as a diagram with commentaries. Calculations affirm the possibility of effective functioning impedance dipoles with length of their parts up to 0.75 (wave length) in the band more than 50% with directive gain  5 dB by energizing 300 Ohm balanced feeder. Research of impedance dipoles with wired reflector shows potential to achieve directive gain from 6.8 dB to 8.1 dB in the band more than 40%. As well as defined, that by addition two antenna directors directive gain located in the range from 6.7 to 9.7 dB in the band more than 30% that fit to antenna array consist of two three-element director antennas.

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May 29, 2020

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