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Organization of the process of the development of the complex web-application for exchanging and buying air tickets


N.A. Borsuk – Ph.D., Associate professor, Chair EIU2, Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU
S.V. Pomeshchikov – Master, JSC “VitaSoft”

In the beginning of the article, the subject of automation and computerization of air tickets buying and changing is under subscribe, reasons for this process are provided. Then organization of development process of complex web-application is shown, technologies used to automate this process are explained, examples of use such instruments are given. After this, short descriptions of Apache Maven, JUnit, Jenkins are shown. Also project structure and role of each module (session-storage-interface, session-storage-impl, webapp, testing) are explained. Then effective pom-file for this project is shown, roles of pom-file sections and way of sub-projects pom-file description are explained, build command and command additional keys are explained too. Also information about debug build process is described. After way of connect automatic tests library JUnit is shown, examples of test description and launching are given. Then configuration for Jenkins (automatic environment for projects building) is given for this project. Conclusion about profits are shown in the end of the article.

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