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Development of client-side service for exchange and buying air tickets


N.A. Borsuk – Ph.D., Associate professor, Chair EIU2, Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU
S.A. Baev – Master, JSC “VitaSoft”

The article focuses on the tools simplifying the development of client-side web applications, introduces the principles of operation of some libraries that are basis for selection of these technologies. Integrable development tools are seen by the example of their introduction into the application of exchange and purchase tickets. The technology of stereotyped server data is developed by means of java – framework Freemarker. Introduced templating is the compiler processor templates written in Java, one of the most successful tools to separate the business logic and data from the presentation in the spirit of the Model-view-controller. FreeMarker allows any Java objects in the data model as a template. The description and application library markings LESS, describes how to connect the current technology in the design and subsequent use. In the service of exchange and purchase of tickets there are many redundant components, which gives a huge amount of possibilities of application of the current library. Another technique, Knockout, is considered, which is a rich implementation of data binding works based on HTML and JavaScript. Knockout allows one to observe the server model on the client side that allows easy and high speed of development. It is also considered the structure of stereotyped Web application. It is a way to integrate it in a real system. In the final part of the article the use of these technologies is summarized.


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