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Estimate of the PAA directivity factor decrease on the basis of a priori statistic information about parametres of phase control units


N.V. Samburov – Post-graduate Student, Kaluga branch of the Bauman MSTU, Scientific-research enterprise “Kaluga instrument-building plant “Taifun” (JSC “Taifun”)

Permitted parameter spread occurs even at one kit of parts during PAR (APAR) control elements making. Elements requirements are formed on the basis of technical feasibility, repeatability, financial viability, as well as assembly necessary electrical parameter (PAR). Then specified place of element or specified aperture element connection are not rated. However, control element arrangement changing can cause PAR-parameter modification. The goal of this article is PAR-parameter decrease under the influence of control elements errors versus aperture parts allocation accounting. The problem has being solved for wide practical realization range of electrical beam control PARs, it is describable for which: 1) ordered element equidistant disposition; 2) phase beam control; 3) regular aperture phase distribution with progression discrete phase shift; 4) minimal distance between emitters fulfils sidelobe minimization condition; 5) stationary, gradually decaying from center to border aperture amplitude distribution. Directive gain was selected in the capacity of PAR efficiently decreased discounting factor.

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