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Transmitting-receiving mobile four-way spiral antenna of decametric wave band


A.P. Vul – JSC «Omsk research institute of instrument engineering». E-mail:
Yu.A. Kostychov – Junior research scientist, JSC «Omsk research institute of instrument engineering». E-mail:
E.S. Popov – Ph.D. (Eng.), leading research scientist, JSC «Omsk research institute of instrument engineering». E-mail:

The four-way transmitting-receiving spiral antenna of decametric wave band, which provides the possibility of radiation realization under high and average angles of a place, is considered. The radiator geometry choice, as the best from the width of an operating range, and uniformity of antenna power gain is proved. The analysis is made and the optimum alternative of antenna power circuit is chosen, providing suppression of the nearest, lowest and highest types of the waves deforming the directional pattern of the basic type. The considered antenna allows to provide independent work of two transmitters with transient attenuation between them at level 30 dB. That fact that on the one mast several, off-line, broadband, antennas are placed allows to recommend the given antenna for operation as a part of a mobile transceiving complex of short-wave communication. The given results of calculation and antenna parameters measurements confirm the declared characteristics regarding the level of antenna matching with a feeder path and directional pattern forms. The detailed description of a design, as antennas, and as its important units, the execution of which guarantees reduction of unwrapping time, is resulted. The small installation time and antenna dimensions also allow to apply it as a part of a mobile communication complex.

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May 29, 2020

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