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Cogerator algorithm


O.V. Saltykov – Senior Researcher, JSC «Omsk research institute of instrument engineering». E-mail:

The article is devoted to algorithmic grounds in cogerator device digital technology, the function of which is the leading to a united phase and coherent sum of a multichannel signal which has distinctions in the channels on time delays with noise accuracy. Known earlier and applied in communication systems and cogerator device automation gets the new life with use of digital processing. In article the methodical description of the given algorithm is given. Variants of the given device construction, (from the elementary) are described. The algorithm in which the reference channel for phasing is one of cogerator input is presented. Also the classical algorithm with feedback where the reference channel is the device output, is described. For this scheme the cogerator equation (in a matrix kind) is deduced, on the basis of which in digital technology new algorithm construction (matrix algorithm) is offered. Its recurrent computational procedure is proved. Also direct computing procedure of matrix algorithm which can be applied to the theoretical research purposes is offered. Thus, four variants of algorithm are described. For all variants possible signals norm¬alization are described, which are demanded by algorithm to some extent (earlier normalization on output signal was widely used). The statement is conducted with reference to signals spatial processing, but the given form has only illustrative character. The material can be considered as useful and for other kinds of diversed signals (e.g., diversed on frequency channels). For spatial processing the concept of the cogerator receiving scheme is given. For the given scheme possibility of additional windows is substantiated reducing side lobes that it is impossible to execute in the classical scheme with feedback. Researches by cogerator algorithm modeling method are presented in the part of such significant characteristics as duration of transient, and also cogerator power strengthening are resulted. It is shown that the matrix algorithm has duration of transient, which is rather lesser..

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