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Beamspace processing of phased array with null steering in a problem of direction of arrival estimation


K.A. Sidorenko – Deputy Head of Laboratory, JSC JSC «Omsk research institute of instrument engineering». E-mail:
V.A. Berezovskiy – General Director, JSC JSC «Omsk research institute of instrument engineering». E-mail:

In modern antenna-feeding systems the information about directional of arrival of signal sources receives by processing of data from each antenna element. Thus, computation complexity of used direction finding algorithms is proportional to amount of antenna elements N. In article the technique of beamspace processing with null steering is offered. This technique allows to lower computation cost to O(Bm) operations where m – defined by used algorithm. For speed increase, the method of adaptive correction of weight matrix is studied? Using which in the conditions of signal-noise environment recalculation of a weight matrix occupies O(NB) operations instead of O(N3). Application of the offered technique is analyzed using numerical modeling by which result it is possible to conclude, that the considered approach allows to compensate influence of the handicap signals which are out of sector of the review, thereby raising resolution of the direction finding algorithm and significantly reduces amount of the computer calculations necessary for tracking of directional of arrival of signal sources in real time.

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June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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