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Antenna system of airborne integrated radioelectronic complex for a new generation of aircraft


D.I. Voskresenskiy –D.Sc. (Eng.), Professor, Head of Department of Radiophysics, Antennas and Microwave Technique of Moscow Aviation Institute. E-mail:
E.V. Ovchinnikova – C.Sc. (Eng.), Associate Professor of Department of Radiophysics, Antennas and Microwave Technique of Moscow Aviation Institute. E-mail:
S.G. Kondrat’eva – postgraduate student of Department of Radiophysics, Antennas and Microwave Technique of Moscow Aviation Institute. E-mail:
P.A. Shmachilin – C.Sc. (Eng.), Senior Teacher of Department of Radiophysics, Antennas and Microwave Technique of Moscow Aviation Institute. E-mail:

The creation of planes, helicopters and remotely piloted aircrafts of the new generation requires the development of integrated electronic systems. The antenna array is one of the most important components of the integrated electronic systems as it defines its basic characteristics. It has to provide the collection of relevant information of the surrounding space, electromagnetic compatibility and focus of each radiator operating on all allocated to the respective radio system frequency (letter) bands. This article considers the conformal antenna array of broadband emitters, such as Vivaldi, coupled with MRP, ADC and DAC in each channel. Such a combination allows the formation of multiple simultaneous beams with independent control and single-pulse mode operation at different frequencies (letters) along with the execution of various functions. The digitization of the received signal is possible in every ISP with an ADC and in the transmission channel of a digital frequency synthesizer with a DAC. Although modern computer technology possesses an ADC centimeter band, their considerable cost necessitates the use of decimation or downsampling to reduce costs without significant loss in the receive channel. The digital signal from each antenna array element comes to a digital beam forming device. Such a distribution system scheme lacks operation in the microwave range in contrast to the previously considered conformal AESA. The excitation of the array elements and formation of sum-difference characteristics for different wavelengths is accomplished by means of a digital diagram creating system. The transition to digital methods of NAM formation and beam control transfers these tasks into the area of digital processing that is well mastered and used in computing. Today there are several ways to create an integrated airborne RES — the first way consists in gradual unification of the existing 2—3 various onboard radio systems, the second means the restructuring of the entire onboard radio system in order to create a unified system. At the present phase of creating onboard IRES in an array of antennas it is essential to gather the characteristics of combined antennas, directional characteristics, management, energy, frequency characteristics, and general technical and economic requirements. The need of crafting on-board antenna arrays for IRES is substantiated in this article along the consideration of existing IRES and different variants of airborne IRES. The qualities of antenna systems with advanced features and proposed schemes to construct conformal antennas with digital systems and information processing of diagram crating have also been defined. Following virtues of board IRES were specified: considerable reduction in weight and characteristics, simultaneous or sequential time use of broadband antenna curtains, increase of received information by the IRES, its accuracy and precision, the use of cellular communications and GPS to perform tactical missions of onboard IRES. All possible ways of constructing antenna systems for aircraft and IRES have been discerned as well.

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