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Power characteristics of new IR laser transitions in ionic spectrum of metals


A.V. Ryazanov – Post-graduate Student, Department of physics, Southern Federal University. E-mail:
I.G. Ivanov – D.Sc. (Phys.-Math.), Professor, Department of physics, Southern Federal University. E-mail:

Results of mathematical modeling of behavior of level population densities, gains and for new infrared (IR) doublet transitions of BeII, CaII and SrII, and also new IR singlet and triplet transitions of GaII, InII and TlII pumped by a charge-transfer reaction in collisions of buffer inert gas ions and metal atoms in gas discharge plasma in mixtures of He–Be, Ar–Ca, Kr–Ca, Kr–Sr, Ne–Ga, Ne–In, Ne–Tl and He–Tl are presented. Calculations were carried out for the plasma parameters of typical for a negative glow of hollow cathode discharge with microsecond duration of current pulses. The model described in paper modernized in comparison with the previous works, allowed to calculate absolute values of gain of the laser active media and specific laser output power in total on 32 new laser transitions of metals of II-nd and the III-rd groups of Periodic system (in the wavelength range of 768…3724 nm). It is important that in model for calculation of specific laser output power the experimental data of the specific electric power entered into the discharge in a pulse mode were used. As a result it is shown that the studied lasers can become effective sources of radiation not only in visible, but also in IR range of spectrum.

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