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Optimum control system engineering by power-intensive objects with cognitive graphics application and wireless standards ZigBee


N.G. Chernyshov – Ph.D. (Eng.), assistant professor, faculty of power engineering, chair «Design of radioelectronic and microprocessor systems», Tambov State Technical University. E-mail: n-с S.I. Dvoretsky – Dr.Sci. (Eng.), professor, the rector, Tambov State Technical University. E-mail:

In up-to-date requirements the deficit and dearness of power resources becomes one of the basic deterrents of development of economy. The developed situation dictates to development engineers new approaches not only to designing of the power-intensive equipment, but also management systems of this equipment. In paper the new approach to optimum control system engineering by power-intensive installations with application cognitive graphics and wireless standards ZigBee is offered. The up-to-date level of development of electronics allows to make systems energy saving energy saving controls extremely compact and universal, however the considerable volume of accounts in real time, singularities of operation of installation do not allow to implement to the full all potential энергосберегающего control. One of effective trajectories of the solution of this problem is use of methods cognitive graphics. It allows to visualise a problem, to boost efficiency of determination of its solutions, both in the course of a system design, and during its maintenance. For the preset model of process of dynamics of installation, on the basis of the spent complete analysis of optimum control synthesising variables are gained and is builted cognitive graphics objects in space of synthesising variables. On cognitive graphics objects in space of synthesising variables depending on field the general view of function of optimum control then control action for the preset state of performance of installation is synthesised is spotted. Decomposition of a blanket problem of a system design optimum energy saving controls on the basic subtasks is resulted and the mathematical apparatus of a system design optimum energy saving controls is observed. Possibilities of technology of wireless standards ZigBee in the organisation of control systems are considered.

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