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Antenna system of mobile radio station of the short-wave range with operated in vertical planes directivity diagrammed


A.B. Besedin – chief of SDO, Tambov factory "October" V.M. Zhukov – Associate Professor, Tambov State Technical University, department "Designing of radioelectronic and microprocessor systems" A.N. Sysoev – Ph.D. (Eng.), assistant of SDO chief, Tambov factory "October" A.F. Harin ― Ph.D. (Eng.), Tambov State Technical University R.N. Perelygin – Postgraduate, Tambov State Technical University

Problems of creation of antenna systems on the basis of ring phased array for a radio communication in short-wave a range of radio-waves get the increasing urgency. Their doubtless advantages in front of aerials applied now aim developers at carrying out of researches not only reception, but also transferring ring phased array. Along with possibility of electronic control directivity diagrammed in an azimuthal plane, one-ring KFAR do not allow to make management DN in a vertical plane. For realization of a radio communication by a spatial wave it is desirable to have such possibility. It is dictated by features of distribution of radio-waves of the given range. Occurrence corners in an ionosphere define size and quantity of jumps. Along with a choice optimum for the given conditions of bearing frequency it also characterizes a radio line. Essentially change of angular position directivity diagrammed can be received at use of two aerials located at different heights over a terrestrial surface, and powering with different phase shift. Structurally in mobile communication centers as such aerials (elements ring phased array) it is possible to use only vertically located asymmetrical vibrators. For improvement of band properties of such aerials it is expedient to execute them in the form of system of wires dispersing on the end. The offered design of the transferring aerial allows making scanning directivity diagrammed in planes and it is essential to raise efficiency short-wave a range of the channel of a radio communication. Its doubtless advantage is application possibility in mobile radio stations.

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